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LTA Management Partners endorses the following guiding principles to ensure a high-quality consulting approach and sustainable benefits and financial success for its clients:

Solid analytical base

Effective improvement initiatives are developed on the foundation of a solid analytical base. All key questions and problems are addressed on the basis of a thorough understanding of value and cost drivers of the specific client, his competitors and market position. Improvement initiatives developed in the course of LTA Management Partners assignments are quantified with respect to their bottom-line impact on the P&L statement, the balance sheet and/or the cash-flow statement in order to ascertain appropriate impact monitoring & tracking during the implementation phase.

High effectiveness and efficiency by seniority and experience

Direct and responsible project management by our senior partners. All senior partners have a strong track-record of successful management and consulting experience. All team members have at least five years of management and/or consulting know-how. This guarantees an efficient team structure without cost intensive and non-value creating "consulting overhead".

Close consultant/client interaction and collaboration

Close and constructive working environment with the management team of our client. We incorporate experience, knowledge and already available proposals/ideas to the highest possible extent into the development of improvement programs/actions in order to accelerate the project progress/momentum and to generate company-wide acceptance which in turn leads to significantly higher implementation success than any other approach.

Implementation is key focus

Strong focus on implementation ensures rapid effective impact. LTA Management Partners provides client-tailored solutions with clear and structured implementation plans. Broad acceptance will be ensured through involvement of all stakeholders and through outstanding quality and a high level of practicality. LTA Management Partners also provides IT-supported implementation monitoring and tracking tools to its clients if requested.

Objectivity and responsibility
  We feel a strong responsibility and commitment towards our clients. We do not avoid to question "holy cows" and to propose new perspectives derived from our experience and knowledge from similar situations.