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Various critical aspects differentiate LTA Management Partners significantly from other consulting companies:

Only senior–resources:
All resources have at least three years of consulting experience and two years of line management experience – no juniors.

"Hands-on" – shareholder-value-oriented approach:
Strong focus on implementation ensures the achievement of the defined targets.

Wide experience in restructuring and interim management positions:
LTA Management Partners Interim Manager have a high-level international management experience (Interim-CEO/CFO; CRO (Chief Restructuring Officer)).

Comprehensive experience in support and management of insolvent companies as well as in the efficient cooperation with administrators (preliminary insolvency, standard process, self-managed ("Planverfahren")).

Intensive, daily Director/Partner involvement:
LTA Management Partners-projects are characterized by professional and intensive project management on Director/Partner level vs. delegation of project management to engagement managers.

Client specific project approach and solution development:
Individual challenges require tailor-made solutions. The work of LTA Management Partners is always based on client specific project approaches, as standardized project approaches only show an insufficient implementation success and target realization especially in restructuring or turnaround situations.

Focus on implementation ("make things happen"):
LTA Management Partners understands the implementation of the developed actions and solutions as an active process. The intensive support of this process and the structured and continues controlling of the implementation process increases the level of target achievement.

Broad experience of various projects
in the areas of restructuring, reengineering and strategy development for different clients (from Fortune 500 cooperation to typical mid-size companies to high-tech start-ups).

Outstanding price-performance ratio:
Based on the resource allocation and the measurable results, LTA Management Partners is characterized by a high level of efficiency.