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The service portfolio of LTA Management Partners focuses on sustainable improvement of the shareholder value of its clients, operational and financial turnarounds/restructuring and technology-driven growth/business development. Both founding partners - Sven Bartsch and Michael Schulz - have more than 20 years experience in top management consulting and management of international companies.

The service portfolio offered by LTA Management Partners to its clients includes:

  • Operational and financial turn-around and restructuring of companies
  • Growth/business development
  • Efficiency improvement
  • Strategy optimization
  • Shareholder value maximization

LTA Management Partners possesses a wide and international client base including international, publicly listed companies (typical Dax30/Fortune cooperation), typical family-owned large and mid size companies and companies in Private Equity and/or Hedge Fund ownership.

The comprehensive project experience
covers the full spectrum of successful and proven problem solving solutions for large and mid-size companies:

  • Turnaround/restructuring
  • Efficiency improvement programs
  • Benchmarking
  • Revenue increase/expansion into new markets
  • Cost reduction
  • Working Capital reduction/optimization
  • Business portfolio optimization including divestment/spin-off of business units
  • Strategy development/optimization
  • Optimization of manufacturing footprint for global/international companies
  • Structured shareholder value optimization programs
  • Raise of equity and debt finance on international financial markets
  • Interim management positions (CEO, CRO, COO, CFO)

Customization instead of "Standard Solutions":
LTA Management Partners offers customized solutions which are tailored to the needs of the client. Client-specific tools and project approaches contribute significantly to a high success rate during implementation of the developed action.

Strong focus on implementation:
All engagements of the LTA Management Partners-Team are characterized by a strong focus on a successful implementation. LTA Management Partners offers a wide range of proven tools and software modules to ensure monitoring and tracking of the implementation status and the impact of each initiatives on the overall profitability and financials of the company.