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Insolvent companies/at risk of insolvency

LTA Management Partners offers for insolvent companies or those at risk of becoming insolvent a wide range of experiences/competencies, services and tools.

  Insolvent   At risk of inolvency
LTA Management Partners services/competencies Standard process   Self managed  
Take role in operational management
(CEO, CRO, COO + second level)

Stabilization of operational business including the entire supply chain from suppliers to customer on behalf of/under authorization of the administrator

Development and implementation of a sustainable restructuring concept    
Elaboration of certificate of going concern ()   ()  
Short-term optimization of liquidity and working capital    
Supplier negotiations (e.g. management of reservation titles) and tracking of status    
Support/lead of sale process/M&A transactions: development of Business Plan, Investor Memorandum and investor search    

LTA Management Partners tools for companies in insolvency:

> Check lists
> Supplier-/Supply Chain-Management
> Decision trees
> Szenario analysis
> Communication