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Shareholder Value Improvement

Sustainable shareholder value optimization requires a structured and comprehensive approach. LTA Management Partners has developed a proven and thorough concept to address this challenge over the past years. This concept was successfully implemented I a number of well-known international clients.

LTA Management Partners’ Value Creation Approach
addresses qualitative components (Equity Story) as well as the quantitative components of the shareholder value:

Qualitative core elements
will be structured and analyzed and critical improvement actions derived:

  • Company vision
  • Economic and industry situation
  • Markets
  • Company presentation
  • Strategy
  • Outlook

Quantitative core elements
will be optimized with the clear focus on the improvement of the Free Cash Flow and the return on capital invested:

  • Development of growing markets
  • Growth in core segments
  • Cost reduction
  • Profitability improvement
  • Divestment of unprofitable units/divisions/subsidiaries
  • Investments and alliances
  • Working Capital reduction

The realization of the identified improvement potential
will be achieved by a systematically managed implementation of the developed actions and rigorous impact monitoring.