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LTA Management Partners offers its clients a comprehensive service portfolio:

Increase of Shareholder Value

  • Development and implementation of structured concepts and actions to increase the shareholder value
  • Strategy development with strong focus on sustainable growth of the client
  • Optimization of operational performance in all dimensions (e.g. efficiency/productivity improvement, quality improvement, decrease of cycle- and lead-times, decrease/optimization of working capital)
  • Optimization of manufacturing footprint (international/global)
  • Business portfolio optimization including divestment of existing portfolio "laggards", acquisition of new entities and/or expansion of existing production facilities
  • Customer/product profitability management
  • Enhancement of implementation impact due to the application of proven monitoring and tracking tools to monitor the status/progress of implementation and to monitor the bottom-line impact on the clients financials.


  • Development and implementation of comprehensive restructuring/turnaround concepts and work-out plans
  • Development of specific actions to overcome liquidity, profitability and structural problems
  • Management and/or support of negotiations with creditors, unions and other interest stakeholders

Support of companies in insolvency or at risk of becoming insolvent

  • Take role in operational management (CEO, CRO, COO + second level)
  • Stabilization of operational business including the entire supply chain from suppliers to customer on behalf of/under authorization of the administrator
  • Development and implementation of a sustainable restructuring concept
  • Elaboration of certificate of going concern
  • Short-term optimization of liquidity and working capital
  • Supplier negotiations (e.g. management of reservation titles) and tracking of status
  • Preparation/support/lead of sale process (e.g. Development of Business Plan, Information Memorandum) and search for investors

Interim Management

  • Take responsible management positions during times of turnaround and change (e.g. CEO, CFO, COO or CRO [Chief Restructuring Officer])
  • Consequent monitoring and tracking of implementation progress of developed actions with direct implementation responsibility
  • Provision of highly qualified and dedicated resources with exceptional and successful track-record and knowledge

Financial transactions

  • Support of fund raising activities (private equity and/or debt capital) through a wide network
  • Elaboration of business plans and financing concepts
  • Conduct spin-offs or MBOs (management buy-outs)
  • Direct private equity investments in specific cases
  • Competent support of various financial transactions (M&A)